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Hermes display stand in GUM


  • To develop a branded design project for an entrance area in the Hermes brand style in line with the brief at beauty boutique Articoli (GUM)

    For Hermes brand we designed and produced two symmetrical brand zones shaped as gift box. The uniqueness of the design projects is reached due to the laconic combination of perspective, geometry, and mirrors that help to achieve a 3D-and weightlessness effects.


  • Only premium materials to use
  • All colors and color proofs were taken strictly from the client's brand book approved by the Hermes head office in France.
  • The inner perimeter of the glassed element of the display is mirror-faced and holds branded gift boxes, all made well in line with the client's requirements.

We see to have an official approval from the Technical Operation Services of GUM and Articoli to install our branded zones. All works were performed within a tight timeframe, the construction was assembled within the deadlines set by the client.

The display was supposed to been exhibited from the beginning of December to the end of the New Year holidays, but following the client’s will we decided to keep it until mid-February 2020.    

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