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TWIX premium pallet display


  • To promote and gain outreach of the TWIX advertising campaign
  • To boost sales of various Mars products
  • To increase brand loyalty and awareness  

As part of the «Don't Mix Them» promotion campaign, we developed a creative design project for the Mars floor pallet stand.

The stand has a three-sided architecture which allows consumers study and test brand’s products from all sides at once. This in turn allows the client to place the POSM in the middle of any supermarket and reach the maximum consumer traffic at ease.

The slogan of the promotion campaign is written in the upper levels of the pallet stand to ensure consumers’ comfortable reading. The stand is also fitted with a QR-code allowing customers to learn more about the promotion online.

A protruding projection of a large red mug on the left side of the stand draws the attention of a passing customer to the stand. The TWIX logo is located on the very top and bottom of the stand, creating symmetry and giving it a finished look to increase brand awareness.  

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