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Uniconf in GUM


  • To purchase and produce all necessary design components
  • To meet the tight deadline and stay within the fixed budget
  • To assemble and disassemble the New Year trees in line with the client's layouts

From November 1, 2019 to February 1, 2020, as part of the annual New Year creative project "New Year Trees at GUM in the Red Square," we produce and install the New Year tree decorations for the Uniconf brand (exhibited in the passages of GUM among dozens of other works). 

This year we designed decorations for three trademarks—Red October, Three Bears, and Little Red Ridinghood, with the client's visualization requirements strictly followed.

The platform of each tree was decorated strictly in the brand’s style with the trademark name on it. The trees themselves has toy candies as a part of decoration elements (made very close to the original look of candies manufactured on the Uniconf factories). 

To implement this project, we:

  • manufactured individual platforms for the trees,

  • branded ribbons and balloons of various diameters with the client's logo,

  • cut plastic snowflakes in line with the client's individual design in three sizes and shapes,

  •  made a building face consisting of seven layers of plastic.

    All cardboard and plastic decorations were assembled manually, just like origami.

     Components of the New Year trees decorations were delivered and assembled overnight.

    At the end of the promotion, all materials and design elements were disassembled with all platforms packed in boxes and delivered to the client's warehouse

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